Participating Criteria

The YDP will invite the following youth to visit the programme:

  • The Focused Youth Awareness Group will consist of 3 000 Grade 9, 10 and 11 learners, as well as select Grade 12 learners who will be invited to attend the trade days. The learners will be from the Dinaledi high schools of the Department Of Basic Education in selected provinces in South Africa.
  • All youth visiting the show on the public days will be able to participate in the YDP rotation and arena programme on a first-come, first-served basis. Schools participating in the public days are expected to make their own transport arrangements to get to the AAD Exhibition.

Criteria for Participation

The defence and aviation industries wish to present themselves as an employer of choice and only Grade 9 to Grade 12 learners who are top achievers in Mathematics, Science and Technology related subjects will be selected and invited to attend the show. Schools will be selected to attend Africa Aerospace and Defence Youth Development Programme on one of the Trade Days. The 5 learners and educators from the invited schools will enjoy activities at the YDP pavilion and arena. Contact the chairperson for more information if your school wishes to participate in the programme. The invitation to attend on Trade Days has the following inclusions/exclusions:


  • Transport from the school to AFB Waterkloof and back to the school.
  • Free entrance to the show on the Trade Days.
  • A lunch pack for each learner and educator.
  • Participation in all the activities in the YDP Pavilion.
  • Scale to build and keep.
  • Promotional material.


  • Breakfast and dinner on the day of the visit.
  • Additional refreshments to the sponsored lunch pack e.g., cold drinks, chips, chocolates.