AAD2024 | 18 - 22 September 2024


Technical Guide

These Regulations contain the relevant information for all aspects of participation in AFRICA AEROSPACE & DEFENCE, applicable to Exhibitors, their Contractors and Sub-contractors. They become part of the contractual agreement between an Exhibitor and the Organisers as soon as an Application to Exhibit has been accepted by the Organisers and the Exhibitor has been so advised. Please read all sections carefully.

Exhibitors are requested to advise their Contractors to study these Regulations, before providing quotations. If there is anything you do not understand, or further information is required, please contact the Organisers.

The Exhibition Regulations were correct at the time of posting on the website. Exhibitors will be advised of any subsequent amendments or alterations.

The Organisers will continue to make every effort to facilitate the access and work of all concerned. In return, a zero tolerance policy with regards to vehicle access and parking regulations, the wearing of badges and individual protection, and compliance with hygiene, safety and security measures, will be scrupulously applied at the site during the build-up and exhibition and breakdown periods.

A scale of penalties will be applied in extreme cases of non-compliance with these obligations, ranging from badge withdrawal to the closure of the exhibitor’s stand after a warning has been issued.

AAD’s commitments as a responsible event organiser in terms of quality, respect of environmental conditions and the safety of persons and the site require us all to comply with these rules in every way.

It is the intention of the Organisers to apply the Regulations in a manner which will provide the greatest benefit to all Exhibitors and we look forward to having your co-operation in making AFRICA AEROSPACE & DEFENCE 2024 an effective showcase for the aerospace and defence industry.


The Order Forms should be completed and returned as required in respect of the relevant supplies and services. Individual forms must be returned by the dates specified thereon, and it should be noted that the conditions stated on the Order Forms constitute part of these Regulations.

Those Authorities and Departments with whom Exhibitors or their Contractors may need to make contact with are listed below.

Africa Aerospace and Defence 2024 is owned by the South African Aerospace, Maritime & Defence Industries Association (AMD), the Armaments Corporation of South Africa SOC Ltd (Armscor) and the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa (CAASA), supported by the Department of Defence (DoD) with responsibility for the arrangements vested as follows:

ACTING EXHIBITION DIRECTORNakedi Phasha+2782 544 3339expodir@aadexpo.co.za
MARKETING & PR MANAGERNakedi Phasha+2782 544 3339marketingpr@aadexpo.co.za
ACCOUNTS & FINANCEHope Motsai+2772 567 6095finance@aadexpo.co.za
ADMINISTRATIONThando Sithole+2784 840 3214admin@aadexpo.co.za
FLIGHT DIRECTOR LIAISONKev Storie+2782 382 3276flightdir@aadexpo.co.za

All enquiries regarding the Exhibition should be addressed to:
Africa Aerospace and Defence 2022
AFB Waterkloof
4th Street
City of Tshwane
South Africa
Tel: +2784 840 3214
e-mail: admin@aadexpo.co.za
website: www.aadexpo.co.za


28 February 2024 Second 50% payment due, followed by a 10% price increase
30 April 2024 Deadline for submission of Exhibition Application Form: Space bookings for chalets, indoor space, outdoor space and aircraft
29 April 2024 Deadline for registering indirect exhibitors
29 April 2024 Deadline for payment of balance of participation invoice
29 July 2024 Deadline for submission of aircraft participation forms
15 August 2024 Deadline for submission of stand designs
19 August 2024 Deadline for return of Services Forms
19 August 2024 Deadline for submission of badge applications: Services, Contractors and Exhibitors Badges
9 September 2024 Collection of badges and vehicle access disks
10 September 2024 Phase 3 Build-up: Space only stands
10 September 2024 Build-up Hospitality Chalets 
Build-up outdoor stands
17 September 2024 Construction of custom build stands completed
14 September 2024 Aircraft Arrival
14 September 2024 Phase 4 Build-up commences for walk-on stands 
Flight Display Validation
16 September 2024 Deadline for completion of all stands (08:00)
16 September 2024 Inspection of stands and certification
18 to 20 September 2024 Trade Days
21 to 22 September 2024 General Public Days
22 September 2024 Removal of walk-on stands goods from 18:00 to 20:00 – see rules
23 September 2024 Breakdown Commences (08:00)
27 September 2024 Breakdown concludes for contractors– final clearance
02 October 2024 Base hand back to AFB Waterkloof