Stand Builders Information


General rules for contractors during Buildup/Breakdown

Due to AFB Waterkloof being an active Airforce Base certain rules need to be adhered to ‐

  • No waste / rubble allowed along chalet line
  • No variation to the designated routes vehicles must travel to get to the chalet line
  • No speeding, reckless driving or disobeying rules of the road inside the base
  • No drilling / making any form of hole in the floors of the hangars or anywhere outside the hangars for outdoor exhibitors
  • No attachment of anything to the roof / walls / doors of any of the hangars
  • No storage of construction materials behind or adjacent to the actual stand
  • No cutting / welding / grinding other than in designated areas
  • All contractors to use wash bay area outside Hall 5 for washing, cleaning of paint brushes etc.
  • No hangar bathrooms to be used – all contractors to use Sanitech supplied toilets
  • Working hours will strictly be from 08h00 until 20h00 daily
  • Gate 1 to be used for Entrance/Exit from September 21st to September 25th after which only gates 4 & 5 to be used for Exhibitor/Contractor access to the base
  • All deliveries to go through GAC Laser depot at gate 1.
  • Accreditation for contractors and exhibitors will be available at The Officers Mess from 9 September
  • All contractors to wear access badges at all times and to carry photo identity.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for ordering contractors badges
  • No stand material is to be left for base staff following breakdown.
  • No skips available for breakdown – Please contact ZF Cleaning to organise should you require them to remove your debris and stand materials.
  • Handheld goods can be removed following show closure on Sunday 25th September ONLY with a goods removal authorisation form which will be available from the organisers office.
  • All contractors to obey OHS rules at all times
  • For further information and clarification please refer to AAD website
  • For information on walk-on package upgrades, stand designs and services, please contact Michelle Angelica at