Top African combat vehicles in the spotlight at the AAD Expo

The trade show at the 2016 AAD Expo is set to yet again attract an unparalleled number of service providers in the global aerospace and defence technology arena. This year, the spotlight will be on Africa and an entire pavilion is dedicated to African industry players. We take a look at some of the top military combat vehicles that is expected to be on display.

A close-up of industry leader Denel

Denel is an aerospace and defence technology conglomerate that is owned by the South African state and that has gained international recognition for numerous innovations. Amongst other, the company produces an extensive range of combat and protected vehicles, as well as mine-protected vehicles:

  • The Badger Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV): Denel is the prime contractor and manufacturer of this new generation armoured vehicle, that has a cam-operated 30 mm cannon and 60 mm breech-loading mortar.
  • The CASSPIR Mine-Protected Vehicle (MPV): This revolutionary MPV set a new international benchmark as it was the first MPV to be based on the principle of the monocoque hull. The CASSPIR series includes a range of customised variants for different uses.
  • The RG MPV series: Variants of this renowned series are widely used in countries such as Sweden and the UAE. Some of the models that will be on show include the RG-32M (a Mine-hardened Patrol Vehicle), the RG12 (an Armoured Police Patrol or Riot Control Vehicle) and the RG35 (A multi-purpose mine-protected infantry vehicle). 

A showcase of top protected vehicles pioneered in Africa

The AAD Expo will feature a number of other African companies that have made their mark on the global protected vehicles landscape, including Integrated Convoy Protection, OTT Technologies, Paramount Group, Saab Grintek Defence and DCD Protected Mobility.

  • Integrated Convoy Protection: The company is particularly renowned for its REVA Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle that has been labelled the most impressive Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) used in combat today. It has been exported to the Middle East & Asia.
  • OTT Technologies: Their robust Puma M36 Mine and Blast Protected Recovery Vehicle is highly acclaimed worldwide for its multifunctional capability. It is also used by the likes of the United Nations (UN) and the Kenyan Army.
  • Saab Grintek Defence: A market leader who was recently awarded best export company for two years consecutively, Saab Grintek Defence will show their cutting-edge electronic self-protection system for combat vehicles.
  • Paramount Group: Another global aerospace & defence company that has its roots in Africa & that has a sterling track record for innovating trailblazing technologies. Their 6x6 Mbombe, a highly agile infantry fighting vehicle, is expected to be showstopper.

DCD Protected Mobility is another well-established African player and force to be reckoned with in the international defence space. Their display will amongst other showcase the highly acclaimed Husky 2G Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD) & “The Mountain Lion,” a revolutionary new armoured utility vehicle.

See combat vehicles in action

A huge plus, is the fact that the AAD Expo has a unique mobility track - that makes it possible for exhibitors to conduct live demonstrations of the true capability of their vehicles. The mobility track puts the vehicles through the paces via a set of eight challenging obstacles & water features - over challenging terrain. Visit for more info or click here to buy your tickets online.