Elevate your business to new heights in the aerospace & defence arena at the AAD Expo 2016

Africa’s premier show of air, sea & land defence technologies, the AAD Expo 2016, provides unparalleled opportunities for exposure. This year, the event will take place from 14 – 18 September at the Waterkloof Air Force Base in Pretoria, South Africa. We take a look at the top reasons why you need to get there if you wish to grow or launch your business in this space.

Network with aerospace and defence industry leaders from around the globe

Considering the registration statistics to date, the AAD Expo 2016 is set to deliver yet another world class exhibition and airshow:

  • 100% of the chalet line & 13 national pavilions have already been booked
  • 27 plus civilian aircrafts have confirmed exhibition
  • More than 400 companies from all over the world will be participating

The first three days of the expo is predominantly earmarked for business to business engagements. This presents businesses with networking opportunities that are second to one.

Get invaluable face time with your target audiences

A first ever in its existence, the AAD Expo 2016 will introduce Engagement Theatres as a value add to its exhibition packages. The theatres will be fully kitted with AV equipment and will comfortably accommodate up to 50 people seated, for around an hour.  This novel facility is ideal for mini conferences, product launches or press briefings.

Demonstrate or experience land defence technology capability firsthand

The AAD Expo also features a unique mobility track that allows for fully fledged dynamic displays and live demonstrations of the true capability of military and civilian vehicles. To this end, vehicles have to conquer eight complex obstacles on challenging terrain, such as out-of-phase cobbles and water. The obstacles include the likes of:

  • Water troughs & ditches
  • Steps & steep inclines
  • Tight turning circles

This is where top players in aviation showcase their prowess

The last two days of the AAD Expo, comprise a world class airshow that includes aerobatic displays, parachute drops and the latest and greatest aircrafts from best of breed brands in the aviation industry.

More about the AAD

The AAD Expo originates from the Aerospace Africa civilian exhibition which in turn has its roots in the 1975 Lanseria Air Show. It has evolved and changed its name several times ever since, subject to market demand. It has also grown in prestige and following year on year, to eventually become one of the leading expos on earth. Its name was finally changed to the AAD Expo after the 75th anniversary of the South African Airforce in 1995.

AAD fast facts

The following are a few factoids about the AAD Expo that further highlight why this event is a must-attend for any business in aerospace and defence:

  • 4 decades plus in existence
  • Africa’s number one aerospace & defence exhibition
  • One of five top expos internationally
  • Hosted more than 45,000 visitors in 2015