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YDP Overview

The Youth Development Programme (YDP) forms an integral component of the Africa Aerospace and Defence Show (AAD) show. The aim of YDP is to:

  • Create awareness about careers in the defence and aviation sectors.
  • Provide a platform for the youth to interact with the defence and aviation sectors.
  • Assist learners to identify bursary opportunities in the defence and aviation sectors.
  • Support the promotion of Mathematics, Science and Technology subjects at schools.
  • Assist graduates in the fields of Engineering and Science to interact with the defence and aviation sectors to identify vacation work and internships.
  • Based on the success of the YDP since it was first introduced in 2002, YDP promises to present a well-planned and coordinated youth programme that supports the strategic intent of AAD and its partners.
Strategic Intent

Our Vision:

To present a world-class aviation and defence youth awareness show.

Our Mission:

To promote career awareness in the aviation and defence industries amongst South Africa's youth.

Our Values:

  • Selfless Service. We put the needs of our youth before our own.
  • Inspiration. We provide a life-changing experience to our youth.
  • Excellence in All We Do. We strive to be professional in all our efforts.
  • Positive Attitude. We focus on solutions, not problems.

The Slogan:

"Mobilise the Youth Today to Sustain the Aerospace and Defence Capability of Tomorrow."

The critical Mission Success Factors:

  • Participation and support by all the AAD partners in the event.
  • Funding from sponsors to cover the expenses of implementing the programme.

The Goal:

The presentation of a prestigious AAD Youth Development Programme at AAD.

Military Skills Development System (MSDS)

Included in AAD YDP is a Military Skills Development System (MSDS) Youth Programme which is aimed at creating awareness of career opportunities in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). The MSDS is voluntary and functions as a recruitment source for the reserve forces. The MSDS is a 2-year programme, the 1st year consists of training and skills development and in the 2nd year acquired skills are put to use. Upon completion, the candidate exits the system to serve in the reserve force or stays on for medium-term career opportunities. The aim of the Youth Programme of the Department of Defence (DOD) at the AAD is the promotion of the DOD’s Military Skills Development Systems programme in support of its human resource strategy.

The following broad career opportunities exist in the MSDS:

  • South African Army: combat soldiers, information technology specialists, engineers, logistic support, etc.
  • South African Air Force: pilots, navigators, ground support crew, technicians, logistic support, etc.
  • South African Navy: combat sailors, divers, naval engineers, logistic support, etc.
  • South African Military Health Service: paramedics, nurses, logistic support, etc.

Learners can get involved in existing youth programmes in the SANDF.

The following SANDF youth programmes were present at AAD 2016:

  • South African Army Young Lions Programme
  • South African Air Force Siyandiza Programme
  • South African Navy Izivunguvungu Programme
  • South African Military Health Service St Johns Ambulance Programme